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Picasso. 'Guernica' Modernism and avant-garde movements The turn of the century brought new winds of modernity. The aesthetic sensibility of the time was marked by a different, freer attitude towards art and life.


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Performing arts

Words, voice and movement. Stage performance has been and still is a fundamental part of the expression of the country and its people. Oral expression was extremely important during the Middle Ages for the transmission of narrative, stories and even the liturgy itself. This tradition began with the religious plays of the Middle Ages and culminated in its period of maximum splendour in the Spanish Golden Age, when popular theatre houses staged works by playwrights such as Lope de Vega and Calderón de la Barca, among numerous others. In contrast, the tradition of dance and classical ballet arose from the Court, and these artistic expressions have over time become one of the cornerstones of Spanish modernity.

The Mayor of Zalamea, by Calderón de la Barca.  -  This well-known play belongs to the dramatic genre dealing with abuses of power, which were traditional in Spanish classical theatre.   See more

Performance of 'The Mayor of Zalamea'. National Classical Theatre Company © Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte


Comic Language © National Drama Centre

Mar 10, 2014 to May 19, 2014

Montage, Performance

Comic Language

'Life is a Dream', by the National Classical Theatre Company © Guillermo Casas. Festival Internacional de Teatro Clásico de Almagro

Mar 19, 2014 to Apr 20, 2014

Show, Performance

Teatro Pavón - Madrid
'Life is a dream', by Calderón de la Barca

Transparent image

Mar 23, 2014 to Jun 15, 2014

Children's activity, Performance, Workshop

Santa María de San Salvador Monastery - Cañas
Family workshops: Cañas, the Cistercian spirit


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