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Cultural visit to Salamanca

  • View of the cathedral and city of Salamanca © Turespaña

    View of the cathedral and city of Salamanca © Turespaña


"Salamanca has always been known as the city of thought and culture. Its history and heritage fully justify this title. ..."

Salamanca has always been known as the city of thought and culture. Its history and heritage fully justify this title. Get ready, because in this city in inland Spain, just over two hours by car from Madrid, you will find outstanding artistic heritage that is hard to beat. The only thing you need is time to stroll unhurriedly around the city and to discover its wealth of monuments.

A good place to start is the famous Plaza Mayor Square. This beautiful, grandiose Baroque square has been, is and will always be the "soul" of Salamanca. It is a meeting place for locals and visitors alike, where you can do almost anything: shop, stroll, eat, hear music. Take your time to enjoy the square, and then head for its gates, which will take you to the most interesting buildings in the area. Among these, mention should be made of the stunning Clerecía building, whose cloister has been called "one of the most complete Baroque creations of all time”.

Right opposite you can see the Casa de las Conchas, a building decorated with more than 300 stone shells. Before going into its beautiful patio, where you can see a mixture of mediaeval, Mudejar and Renaissance elements, have a good look at the window grilles – they are an excellent example of Spanish Gothic wrought iron work. Very close by there is another architectural gem, the University, one of the oldest in Europe. Its Plateresque façade is pure stone filigree, but this is not the only surprising thing you will find. Go in and explore the interior: its library, patio, staircase, "Escuelas Mayores" and "Escuelas Menores" (university buildings) are truly splendid.

Next door is Plaza de Anaya Square. Crossing it takes you to the Salamanca Cathedrals. The magnificent ensemble comprising the New and Old Cathedrals gives you the chance to enjoy a huge variety of artistic styles, and visiting the “Ieronimus” exhibition you can explore its medieval towers, get to know its history and look out over the city from the rooftop. The Las Dueñas Convent, the Las Úrsulas Convent, San Esteban Church, Monterrey Palace… Salamanca has many different monuments that are well worth visiting. This is why it is a good idea to head for one of the Tourist Offices where you can get all the information you need to ensure you don't miss anything.

Universal, unforgettable and unique: this is Salamanca. Come and visit. You will want to tell everyone about it.

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