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Spain's science museums: arousing your curiosity

  • Interior of the Arts and Sciences Museum. Valencia © Turespaña

    Interior of the Arts and Sciences Museum. Valencia © Turespaña


"Spain is a country with a long cultural and artistic tradition, as well as science. ..."

Spain is a country with a long cultural and artistic tradition, as well as science. In recent decades, many science museums have opened with a clear aim: to drive and promote knowledge, bringing it close to all in a fun way. Or, in other words, have fun learning science.

The expertly surpass this challenge by awakening visitors’ curiosity and encouraging active participation so that visitors themselves discover through ingenious experiments and activities how, for example, the human body works, nature’s phenomena and the cosmos. Jump in and experience the wide range of surprises, sensations and stimuli awaiting you inside these interactive museums. A thought-provoking offer to enjoy science at your leisure, sure to charm big and little ones alike.

There are many locations around the country where you can have a fun time whilst investigating the secrets surrounding you. Barcelona, for example, is the home of CosmoCaixa, with interactive montages and modules.. In the north, in Corunna, you will be amazed at the Casa de las Ciencias and Domus, the only museum in the world dedicated exclusively to mankind. In Valencia, the interesting experiments at the Prince Felipe Museum await in the spectacular complex of the City of the Arts and Sciences which, in addition, houses the largest aquarium in Europe.

There are many thematic complexes in Spain that will help you learn in an excitingly different way. The Science Park in Granada; the Miramón-Kutxaespacio, in San Sebastián; the Castile-La Mancha Science Museum, located in Cuenca; the Science and the Cosmos museum on the island of Tenerife, or the Science and Water museum in Murcia are just a few examples. Come to Spain and share one of the most fascinating experiences with us: the adventure of knowledge.

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