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Dinópolis, the dinosaur park

  • Reconstruction of a dinosaur in Dinópolis. Teruel © Turespaña

    Reconstruction of a dinosaur in Dinópolis. Teruel © Turespaña


"Dinópolis in Teruel makes an interesting getaway for the whole family. ..."

Dinópolis in Teruel makes an interesting getaway for the whole family. At this large theme park you will be surrounded by huge dinosaurs that move their gigantic bodies, will be able to admire the skeletons of extinct animals such as the mammoth and the cave bear, sail on seas that disappeared long before human beings came into existence, travel through the tunnel of time, or become a saurian and discover how these extinct reptiles lived.

Children can learn all about palaeontology in an entertaining and interactive way through games, 3D projections, workshops, plays, animations and experiments. And they can do all this not just as spectators but as researchers and explorers of strange and uncharted lands, making amazing discoveries themselves.

Dinópolis comprises several interesting sections. The most outstanding is undoubtedly the Palaeontology Museum, the largest exhibition space in Europe and boasting one of the world’s best dinosaur collections. In addition to skeletons (it’s the only place in the world where both a Tyrannosaurus and a Brachiosaurus are on display), original fossils and life-size reproductions, this superb interactive space also features virtual recreations, projections, simulators, laboratories and games, providing a total experience for visitors. Other great attractions are the living recreation of an imposing Tyrannosaurus Rex and a journey through time on a vehicle that penetrates a world of special effects and animations.

Children take on the leading role in this park where everything is geared to help them learn through play. This is amply demonstrated by the games room with make-up and the crafts workshop; by the paleosenda, a unique palaeontological camp with caves, skeletons and mysterious chasms where surprises are guaranteed; and by the sauriopark, an open-air leisure area for children aged 3 to 11 years. Music, dialogues between actors, scientific conversations (jokes included) with primitive human beings, puppets, mascots ... Everything is designed to stimulate a thirst for knowledge about the amazing age of the dinosaurs.

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