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The living memory of Dalí in Spain

  • Collection of sculpture by Salvador Dalí in Alicante © Turespaña

    Collection of sculpture by Salvador Dalí in Alicante © Turespaña


" Spain is privileged to be a birthplace of great artists who have left their work spread around the country. Artists who are also part of the cultural and human landscape of this land. ..."

Spain is privileged to be a birthplace of great artists who have left their work spread around the country. Artists who are also part of the cultural and human landscape of this land. Amongst the geniuses of the 20th century, whose legacy can be seen and immensely enjoyed, Dalí undoubtedly stands out.

Journey to the town where Dalí was born and died. Or appreciate the seascapes that inspired so many of his works and admire the imaginative abundance used in decorating residences and workshops, today converted into museums showing his complete creative genius:

Dalí on the Costa Brava

Three Dalí museums, completely removed from conventional museum spaces, await surrealism lovers on the Spanish Costa Brava. A visit there is highly stimulating for immersing oneself in the artist’s dream world, since it is not a series of isolated works but rather large artistic complexes. Architectural spaces and surrealist stages that won’t fail to move you.

Figueres, a town in Gerona where Dalí was born and died will bewitch you. The Dalí Museum-Theatre is located here – a giant surreal object housing over 1,500 works. Such emblematic pieces as “Port Alguer”, “Galatea of the Spheres”, the Mae West room or the “Raint Cadillac” sit alongside optical stagings, holograms or never-before-imagined stereoscopy.

To uncover the more private side to the painter’s life and his muse, we invite you to tour the Home Museum Gala Dalí Castle. Exclusivity is the prevailing touch in this mediaeval castle in Púbol, where the paintings and drawings Dalí gave to Gala can be seen. A mysterious atmosphere surrounds the rooms designed and decorated by Dalí. Be captivated by the sculptures of elephants in the garden, the swimming pool surrounded by busts of Wagner or Gala’s party dresses designed by one of the great geniuses of all time.

Without leaving Catalonia

Equally attractive is a visit to what was Gala and Dalí’s refuge for years. Tour the Salvador Dalí Home Museum in Portlligat, a magnificent chance to surround yourself with the sets designed by the Catalan artist. Most of his masterpieces were inspired by these fishermen’s cottages and they can be seen as an artistic piece in themselves. A walk along the Mediterranean shore, a tour of his workshop, library and private rooms will not easily be forgotten.

The rich Dalí heritage continues in Catalonia at major centres and museums. The Perrot-Moore Art Centre in Cadaqués, the Monserrat Museum or the Maresme Regional Museum are just a few locations.

The Spain of Dalí, the Dalí of Spain

Salvador Dalí’s talented contribution to art and universal culture can be clearly seen in many other collections at Spanish museums. Pieces that will urge you to head out on this cultural tour and discover the artist’s different creative stages. Prestigious museums in Madrid such as the Reina Sofía National Art Centre or the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum integrated into the famous “Art Route” house key works in Daliesque iconography. “Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening” or “Girl at the Window” are just a small sample of what can be found in our museums and collections. Another example is the Museum of Contemporary Spanish Art (Juan March Foundation Palma de Mallorca).

In this way, Spain is the ideal place to discover and look deeper into the figure of this Surrealism genius, perhaps one of the most universal Catalans in the history of Spanish art. Dalí awaits you in Spain.

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