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Special visits to the Alhambra

  • The Albaicín neighbourhood

    The Albaicín neighbourhood

  • The Alhambra. Granada © Turespaña

    The Alhambra. Granada © Turespaña

  • Interior of the Palace of Charles V. Granada © Ministerio de Cultura

    Interior of the Palace of Charles V. Granada © Ministerio de Cultura

  • Cloister in the monastery of San Jerónimo. Granada © Turespaña

    Cloister in the monastery of San Jerónimo. Granada © Turespaña

  • Albaicín neighbourhood

    Albaicín neighbourhood


"Exploring the monumental site of the Alhambra in Granada is already in itself a unique experience. ..."

Exploring the monumental site of the Alhambra in Granada is already in itself a unique experience. This essential visit now offers an added attraction, when you take any one of the special tours created to reveal some of the historic, scenic, cultural and social aspects related with this emblematic site in Andalusia.

Specifically, there are five tours available that include visits to spaces that are not usually open to the public. All these routes start at the Alhambra and go down though the historic quarter of the city of Granada to the popular Albaicín neighbourhood, with opportunities to enjoy the surroundings. Each route has a special theme:

The Alhambra and the Granada of Charles V. The emperor's dream. This route is scheduled on Mondays and Sundays. You'll discover impressive buildings such as the Palace of Charles V, the Royal Chancery, the Monastery of San Jerónimo and the Royal Hospital. This route is perfect for understanding how Charles V wished to turn Granada into a large imperial city.

The Christian City. A new political, social and religious order. Scheduled on Tuesdays. It will show you how Granada was transformed after being incorporated into the Crown of Castile, with buildings such as the parish church of San Gil and Santa Ana and the Casa de Castril house.

Women in the Granada of Al-Andalus and the Renaissance. Private and social spaces. This route is available on Wednesdays. Get ready to discover the spaces where the women of Moorish and Renaissance Granada lived and how their role evolved in society. Fascinating places await you, such as the Las Infantas Tower, the Harem and the Queen's Dressing Room.

The conquest of water. The water landscape in the Spanish-Moorish and Christian culture. This is scheduled on Thursdays and Saturdays. If you're interested in finding out more about the engineering works that were built in Granada to make use of the water, with examples such as the orchards of the Generalife, the Aqueduct, the Water Tower, Calle Real street and the Thermal Baths of Muhammad III, this is your route.

The Alhambra: land, space and city. Artistic and functional patterns of the Nasrid culture. Scheduled on Fridays. You'll be amazed to see how 'two parallel cities' evolved in Moorish Granada: the bourgeois Granada (of the merchants and artisans) and the palace life of the Alhambra. The Wine Gate, the Gate of Justice or the Casa de los Girones house are part of this visit.

Things to remember:
The visits are led by tour guides who are experts in explaining the cultural and natural heritage. They take place in the morning and last about four hours.
The tours are in small groups (of about 15 people) in Spanish and English. 

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