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  • Placido. Photo courtesy of the Spanish Film Archive

    Placido. Photo courtesy of the Spanish Film Archive



Feature film

Original title




Black humour to criticise incisively the hypocrisy of the middle class. Yet another brilliant comedy by the director Luis García Berlanga.

On Christmas Eve a brand of pots and pans organises the "Sit a poor man at your table" campaign, where poor people are raffled so that wealthy families take them home for dinner, and there are also parades and dinners broadcasted live on TV. Meanwhile, Plácido, a humble transporter tries to carry out his orders to pay the first bill for his three-wheeler before midnight, otherwise he will lose it.



Technical specifications

Rafael Azcona, Luis García-Berlanga, José Luis Colina, José Luis Font

Cassen, José Luis López Vázquez, Elvira Quintillá, Amelia de la Torre, Julia Caba Alba, Amparo Soler

Miguel Asins Arbó

Black and white

85 minutes


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