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Hubcap with feline head

  • Hubcap with feline head. Huelva Provincial Museum © Ministerio de Cultura

    Hubcap with feline head. Huelva Provincial Museum © Ministerio de Cultura



Instruments, utensils and tools


Early 7th century - early 6th century BC.

Original title

Tapacubos o bocín de bronce con cabeza de felino
Huelva Museum
Huelva, Andalusia

Hubcap belonging to the cart found in tomb 17 of La Joya Necropolis. It has been reconstructed.

The mouth of the feline head which decorates this hubcap is open, displaying its canines, the upper row of teeth and a forked tongue which juts out over the lower jaw. The snout is in the form of a bulge in which the nasal passages can be seen and it also has large, oval-shaped eyes. On the highest part of the head, there is a projection which marks the fur while the ears are pointed backwards, ready to attack. The set was inscribed on a circular plaque with rectangular slots through which a pin passes, immobilising the piece to the wheel.

Details of the work

"La Joya" Necropolis, tomb 17, city of Huelva.

Height = 14.2 cm; Disc diameter = 11.4 cm.

Lost wax casting



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