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…And she had a heart! (Anatomy of the heart)

  • 'Y tenía corazón' (Anatomy of the heart). Museum of Fine Arts. Malaga © Ministerio de Cultura

    'Y tenía corazón' (Anatomy of the heart). Museum of Fine Arts. Malaga © Ministerio de Cultura







Enrique Simonet Lombardo

Original title

…Y tenía corazón (Anatomía del corazón)
Malaga Museum
Malaga, Andalusia

It is one of the most interesting paintings by Enrique Simonet Lombardo and one of the most appreciated in the Malaga Museum's collection.

This moving work depicts the moment in which the forensic scientist carries out an autopsy of a young woman. The realist treatment of the theme and its harshness have led some authors to classify this painting as Social Realism. However, the work also stands out because of the interesting contrasts of light, the detail of the realist representation, the full anatomical details and the experimentation with daring elements such as the depth of the painting suggested by the foreshortening of the young woman. Therefore it should be considered part of the scientist trend which dominated the 19th century. The anatomical study of the girl's body is impeccable, as is the painting of the foreshortened body.

Details of the work


177 x 291 cm.

Oil on canvas.


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