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Black signs

  • Black signs. Museo Nacional y Centro de Investigación de Altamira © Pedro Saura

    Black signs. Museo Nacional y Centro de Investigación de Altamira © Pedro Saura





15000 BP

Cultural background


Original title

Signos negros
Altamira National Museum and Research Centre
Santillana del Mar

Figures and signs that are similar to those on the large ceiling, but made in a gallery that is about one metre high by one metre wide, in the deepest part of the cave.

Cultural motivations brought people there at different times to draw and engrave these signs, 250 metres from the entrance. They probably entered the cave with torches or grease lamps used as primitive oil lamps to be able to draw this group of reticulated signs (that look like a net), strictly compartmentalised and repeated next to the most prominent crack in this deep gallery.

Details of the work

Altamira caves

Mural painting


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