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Large doe

  • Large doe. Santillana del Mar © Pedro Saura para Museo de Altamira

    Large doe. Santillana del Mar © Pedro Saura para Museo de Altamira





14500 BP

Cultural background


Original title

Gran cierva
Altamira National Museum and Research Centre
Santillana del Mar

It seems to refer to the idea of fertility. This life-size painting used the relief on the rock as its belly, probably pregnant.

The colours and technique are the same as those used for some of the polychrome bison in the cave. It could represent the idea of reproduction or maturity and plenitude, like other reproductions with rampant male horses fighting, the gathering of male and female bison or a deer on heat, bellowing and surrounded by females.

Details of the work

Altamira caves

Mural painting


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