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Decorated double nozzle Roman lamp

  • Roman decorated lamp with a double spout © Ministerio de Cultura

    Roman decorated lamp with a double spout © Ministerio de Cultura





1st century B.C. - 1st century A.D.

Cultural background


Original title

Lucerna romana de doble pico decorada

Recovered from Cartagena town centre, this piece is lavishly decorated with the figures of Zeus-Jupiter and others connected with the world of dreams and the night.

The handle is half moon shaped and the characters depicted on the disc have been identified as the brothers Hypnos and Thanatos, sons of Nyx, the night. This type of lamp is typical of a time period between Augustus and the Flavius emperors, reaching its height of popularity in the 1st century A.D.

Details of the work

Oil lamp

Height = 95 mm; Length = 192 mm; Width = 105 mm

Varnished, Mould


Place of production
Western Mediterranean


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