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Dressel amphora

  • 'Dressel amphora' © Ministerio de Cultura

    'Dressel amphora' © Ministerio de Cultura

  • 'Dressel amphora'. View of the seal © Ministerio de Cultura

    'Dressel amphora'. View of the seal © Ministerio de Cultura

  • 'Dressel amphora'. View of the interior © Ministerio de Cultura

    'Dressel amphora'. View of the interior © Ministerio de Cultura





(Late 2nd century B.C. - last quarter of the 1st century B.C.)

Cultural background


Original title

Ánfora Dressel

This piece was found in the Roman wreck of San Ferreol in San Pedro del Pinatar (Murcia), which dates from the first century B.C. and was discovered in 1976.

These Dressel-type amphorae were used for the mass export of wine in the western Mediterranean in order to supply the Roman troops and certain regions and cities such as Carthago Nova. In this case this is a fragmented object which still conserves intact its closing mechanism: a ceramic stopper over which is placed a mortar of chalk and sand (known as pozzolana), featuring three printed seals which identify the producer. The interior contains remains of the resin with which it was coated in order to isolate the ceramic paste from the liquid.

Details of the work

San Ferreol, San Pedro del Pinatar (Murcia)


Height = 190 mm; diameter = 105 mm; Diameter of mouth = 153 mm; Thickness = 16 mm

Hand sealing inside the neck. Body of the amphora made of clay thrown by wheel.

Pozzolana, clay

Place of production


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