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Peugeot Phaeton, type 15

  • Peugeot Phaeton © Museo del Ejército - Ministerio de Defensa

    Peugeot Phaeton © Museo del Ejército - Ministerio de Defensa






Original title

Peugeot Phaeton, tipo 15
Toledo Army Museum
Toledo, Castile-La Mancha

First automobile owned by the Spanish army, donated in 1903 by Luis de Carvajal y Melgarejo, Count of Cabrillas and Marquis of Puerto Seguro

In 1899 the Marquis of Puerto acquired a Phaeton model Peugeot in Paris for his own personal use. Subsequently in 1903 when he was First Cavalry Lieutenant, he donated it to the 2nd Sappers and Mining Regiment, thereby making it the first motor-driven vehicle to be owned by the Spanish army. It was assigned to the Engineering Corps, and gave rise to the creation in 1904 of the Automobile Service and the School of Automobile Mechanics. From that time the car was used to give driving instruction for officers and military personnel, training in vehicle repair, transporting officers to manoeuvres and to expedite the transmission of orders. The vehicle remained in service until 1911, when it became part of the collection of the Army Museum.

Details of the work

Cast iron; Carved; Painted; Lacquered; Tanned

Metal; Textile; Rubber; Wood; Pigments; Leather; Wicker

Place of production
Audincourt (France)


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