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Japanese Dô-Maru-type armour

  • Japanese Dô-Maru armour © Museo del Ejército - Ministerio de Defensa

    Japanese Dô-Maru armour © Museo del Ejército - Ministerio de Defensa





19th century

Original title

Armadura Japonesa Tipo Dô-Maru
Toledo Army Museum
Toledo, Castile-La Mancha

The art of collecting Japanese armour, which was traditionally found in major European armouries, became widespread among the 19th-century cognoscenti.

Full-body defensive equipment covering the body and limbs. The protection for the head, back of the neck and throat is by means of the kabuto, which is finished with a chin piece to protect the face as far as the eyes and neck. The body is protected by means of an encircling Dô-Maru-type cuirass. The limbs are covered with epaulettes and sleeves made from metallic scales, with chaps for the thighs, and shin guards. The footwear is made of bearskin. The armour achieves visual and aesthetic unity by means of the cords joining the lacquer plates. The colour of the cords served to identify the clan to which each soldier belonged.

Details of the work



185 cm x 67 cm x 50 cm

Sewn; lacquered; brocade

Lacquer; silk; leather; iron


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