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Bust of Augustus

  • Bust of Augustus. Zaragoza Museum © Ministerio de Cultura

    Bust of Augustus. Zaragoza Museum © Ministerio de Cultura





Time of Trajan (c. 98-103 A.D.)

Original title

Cabeza de Augusto
Zaragoza Museum
Zaragoza, Aragon

A sublime portrait of the first Roman emperor. It concentrates the essence of what is known as the propaganda of imperial power.

The portrait was likely made in Rome at the time of Trajan. An older bust, probably of the Emperor Domitian, was used as a base. This leads us to believe that the Hispanic Emperor Trajan, at the start of his rule (98-103 A. D.), tried to unite his line to that of the divine Augustus through the propaganda of the image of power.

The entire surface shows signs of abrasion left by polishing the piece. Given the finished shape of the neck, it probably went inside a bust made from another material.

It was found in the archaeological excavations at the Roman Turiaso (Tarazona, Zaragoza).

Details of the work

Allué Salvador National College. Roman pool of El Patio (From 1986 Joaquín Costa). TURIASO, Tarazona (Tarazona and El Moncayo (region), Zaragoza (p)): Roman pool of El Patio


Height = 16 cm; Width = 10.8 cm.

Sculpted and polished



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