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Elephant head and tusks

  • Elephant head and tusks. Santa Cruz Museum. Toledo © Ministerio de Cultura

    Elephant head and tusks. Santa Cruz Museum. Toledo © Ministerio de Cultura




Cultural background


Original title

Cabeza y Defensas de Elefante
Santa Cruz Museum
Toledo, Castile-La Mancha

Large elephant head. This is the only example in Toledo which conserves all its three parts: head, gums and tusks.

This elephant head is split in half along the top of the skull, and is particularly important because the head is still joined to the tusks by means of the gums.

Although the state of conservation is poor, this is the first head of these dimensions which it has been possible to extract without separation from the tusks. These are incomplete, but have a length of 2.8 metres. They are thought to be missing 50 cm.

It was found by chance during digging work on the area of the industrial estate in Toledo.

Details of the work

Polígono industrial de Toledo


Hueso y Marfil


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