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Bronze cuirass

  • Bronze cuirass. Granada Archaeology and Ethnography Museum © Ministerio de Cultura

    Bronze cuirass. Granada Archaeology and Ethnography Museum © Ministerio de Cultura





4th century B.C.

Cultural background


Original title

Coraza de bronce

This bronze cuirass, dating from the 4th century BC, reproduces the anatomical figure of a naked body, modelled on a large bronze plate.

The piece comes from an underwater finding in the bay of the former city of Sexi (Almuñécar), where there are more remains of Punic shipwrecks. The anatomical cuirasses from this period are especially frequent in the Italian region of Apulia and they are associated with aristocratic burials.

In this case it is thought that it may have been a ship that was wrecked on arriving in the Punic port, and the object may have been a gift for a local aristocratic warrior. Another option is that it was a votive or sacred offering after a happy journey. So, the object would be linked with other pieces of armour found in river mouths or port entrances.

Details of the work

Underwater cave in El Jarro (Almuñécar, Granada)


Height = 44,5 cm; Width = 37 cm




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