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Mithras Tauroktonos

  • Mithras Tauroktonos.  Cordoba Archaeology and Ethnography Museum © Ministerio de Cultura

    Mithras Tauroktonos. Cordoba Archaeology and Ethnography Museum © Ministerio de Cultura





Second half of the 2nd century AD

Original title

Mithras Tauroktonos

The age-old fight of the god-man against the bull

The sculpture group Mithras Tautoktonos, the god of the Sun, is an exceptional figure because it is the only full representation of this deity and as a sculpture in the round known in the Iberian Peninsula.

This work proves that there were eastern beliefs in the western provinces of the Empire in the time of Adrianus. It comes from the Roman village of Fuente Las Piedras, known as Villa del Mitreo, in Cabra, Cordoba. It represents the Persian god, with the Phrygian hat, sacrificing the bull: annual repetition of the cycle of death and resurrection. The dog, Mithras's faithful friend, who guards the soul, is drinking from the purifying blood that flows from the bull. The snake produces plants and animals and men appear from the scorpion. They are all symbols of a Creator god. It belongs to an advanced period in the development of Roman sculpture.

Details of the work


93 x 96 x 35 cm

White marble.

Place of production
Villa del Mitreo (Cabra, province of Cordoba)


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