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Aphrodite crouching

  • Aphrodite crouching. Cordoba Archaeology and Ethnography Museum © Ministerio de Cultura

    Aphrodite crouching. Cordoba Archaeology and Ethnography Museum © Ministerio de Cultura





2nd century A.D. (138-192)

Original title

Afrodita Agachada

The goddess and the water

This high-quality sculpture is an example of the importance of Roman Cordoba. It is the only Roman replica of its kind known in the Iberian Peninsula.

This Roman copy of a sculpture by Doidalsas of Bithynia, made of Greek white marble from the island of Paros, shows Aphrodite naked and crouching. She is probably having water poured on her back while bathing or looking at her reflection in the water of a pond. The most outstanding features of this work are the sculpted forms, the hinted movement of the figure and the chiaroscuro effects that enrich the composition. Thanks to some stylistic devices introduced by the Roman copyist of the Greek original, we can establish the date when it was sculpted. Although the archaeological context in which it was found does not offer any additional information of interest, everything seems to indicate that it was originally intended as decoration for some type of water construction: thermal springs or a fountain.

Details of the work

C/ Amparo, nº 5 y 7, Córdoba (Andalucía, España)


Height, 89 cm; maximum width, 40 cm.

Chiselling, polishing and trepanation

Greek white marble from the island of Paros


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