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Capitulations of Santa Fe

  • Capitulations of Santa Fe. General Archive of the Indies © Ministerio de Cultura

    Capitulations of Santa Fe. General Archive of the Indies © Ministerio de Cultura






Original title

Capitulaciones de Santa Fe
General Archive of the Indies
Seville, Andalusia

The signed agreement between Columbus and the Catholic Monarchs regarding the project to find a new western route towards the East Indies.

Columbus offered his project to the Catholic Monarchs in 1486, but the agreement was not signed until 17 April 1492. This document is known as the Capitulations of Santa Fe. In them, Columbus is named admiral, viceroy and governor of any lands discovered then and in the future, with a hereditary character.

According to the Capitulations of Santa Fe, the colonisation of America would operate like a private company under Columbus's control. However the Monarchs subsequently attempted to neutralise his privileges, embarking on a long period of legal action.


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