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Visions i cants

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Literature, Poetry




Joan Maragall

Original title

Visions i cants

This second collection of poems published by the writer and thinker Joan Maragall contains the most personal characteristics of both his literature and his thought.

In 'Visions &Cants', Maragall incorporated into his poetic universe the Catholic-inspired conservative evocation of Catalonia, ideologically closely associated with the political positions of the 'Lliga Regionalista' movement led by the politician and financier Francesc Cambó.
The collection of poems, as its name indicates, comprises two main parts, separated by a series of lesser poems grouped under the heading of 'Intermezzo'.

'Visions' is dedicated to exploring the personality and essence of the Catalans and Catalonia, with a series of poems on historic and legendary themes. 'Cants', on the other hand, is an optimistic hymn to the future, full of life-affirming sentiments and desire for regeneration, under the ideological umbrella of Catalanism. This section contains two of his best-known poems: the 'Cant de la Senyera' and 'Oda a Espanya'.


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