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Tirant lo Blanc

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Original title

Tirant lo Blanc

This novel of chivalry, written by the knights Joanot Martorell and Martí Joan de Galba, is one of the first modern novels and a masterpiece of Catalan literature.

Joanot Martorell began its composition in 1460, and it seems that the work was very far advanced when he died (1468). It was completed by Martí Joan de Galba, who revised the text and wrote its final chapters. It narrates the adventures of the young Breton, Tirant lo Blanc. These bring him to England, Constantinople and North Africa, amidst jousting for war and love.

Some of the most original traits of the novel, which represents a renewal of the chivalry genre, are its realism —Tirant is a character of human dimensions —, its treatment of eroticism and the use of irony.

The work, translated into Spanish anonymously and printed in Valladolid (1511), was scrutinised in Don Quixote and classed by Miguel de Cervantes as ‘the best book in the world’.


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