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The Solitudes

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Original title


An unfinished poetical composition by Luis de Góngora in which he starts on the path towards free verse.

“Soledades” is a poem by Luis de Góngora composed in 1613 in Spanish strophes of heptasyllables and hendecasyllables.

In reality it is an unfinished project that was to have been formed of four parts, entitled: “Soledad de los campos” (Solitude of the Fields), “Soledad de las riberas” (Solitude of the Riverbanks”), “Soledad de las selvas” (Solitude of the forests) and “Soledad del yermo” (Solitude of the wasteland), corresponding to the ages of human life and a season of the year.

Góngora only managed to complete the dedication to the Duke of Béjar from the initial project, together with the first two parts, although the second is incomplete.
The main innovation in this creation resides in the use of silvas (Spanish strophes) in an extremely long poem. This form gave great freedom to the poet, and marked his point of departure towards free verse.


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