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Soldadito español

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Soldadito español

This is possibly the most well-known of the military pasodobles, and one of the most popular of this musical genre.

Its composer, a composer of zarzuelas (Spanish operettas), musical variety shows and comic sketches, Jacinto Guerrero, wrote it for the musical variety show “The Golden Orgy.” “The Golden Orgy” debuted in 1928, work of playwright Pedro Muñoz Seca (along with other authors Pedro Pérez Fernández and Tomás Borrás), to the music of the maestro Guerrero himself as well as that of Julián Benlloch.
It is a pasodoble, or military march (pasodoble was a genre that arose from military music), whose lyrics are an homage to the Spanish army and its soldiers, particularly to the war experiences that had happened in the preceding decades: the wars for the independence of Cuba and the Philippines, and the Moroccan campaigns.
The melody, written in a minor key, suggests emotion, memory and homage.


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