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A Night of War in the Prado Museum

  • A Night of War in the Prado Museum © EFE

    A Night of War in the Prado Museum © EFE



Dramatic literature, Theatre



Original title

Noche de guerra en el Museo del Prado: (aguafuerte, en un prólogo y un acto)

Theatrical piece by Rafael Alberti set out as an ode to the popular fight for liberty.

Dramatic piece by Rafael Alberti, written in 1956 during his exile in Argentina. It opened in 1973 at the Belli Theatre in Rome. It would have to wait until 1978 to have its Spanish premiere.

The piece is based on an episode in the life of the author himself, who, during the Spanish Civil War, was entrusted by Francisco Largo Caballero and the Junta de Salvamento Artístico to move some works of art from the Prado Museum to Valencia. Recalling this experience, this piece superimposes the War for Independence with the Spanish Civil War, since both presented the same popular movement for liberty. The elements permitting scene changes are works of Francisco de Goya, with characters giving their lives.


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