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Manual de infractores

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Original title

Manual de infractores

This book of poems is an initiation (and invitation) to dissidence, from its very title. It won for the Jerez-born poet José Manuel Caballero Bonald the National Poetry Award.

With an immaculate precision in words and language and a celebration of the imagination, Caballero Bonald undertook to create strong, committed verses that denounce the establishment, invite readers to be wary of and treat with suspicion absolute convictions, big words and ideas, the universal order - and their his own ideas as well.

Caballero Bonald has here become a permanent outlaw and dissident. He pours into the pages of this work an unbroken stream of uncomfortable questions in a language that reads like a last testament, born from observation of the world and its injustices and other more personal sources: uncertainty, melancholy, the dim memory of the past and some of his own taboos.


National Literature Award for Poetry


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