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My Voice Because of You

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Literature, Poetry




Pedro Salinas

Original title

La voz a ti debida

This collection of poems reflects the expressive maturity of the poet Pedro Salinas after the dabblings of his early years, as well as his assimilation of both the avant-garde and the neo-romantic tenets.

Its publication coincided with his most fruitful creative period –also the most highly regarded phase of the author's poetic career– although six of the poems had already been published earlier in the journal 'Los Cuatro Vientos'.

This collection of poems has a predominantly joyful tone, with the discovery of the intimate being of the loved one as the centre of everything that exists, and involves a long amorous dialogue in 70 sequences (or poems) between the pronouns 'I' and 'you'.

After a process involving a series of original psychological twists, the amorous act allows the 'I' –previously a shadow– to see the light together with the loved one, and in the last poem, after the experience, to return to its dark existence with the hope of coming to life once again.


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