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La Galatea

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Literature, Narrative



Original title

Primera parte de la Galatea: diuidida en seys libros

A pastoral novel by Cervantes that conceals a deeper study of the psychology of love.

A novel by Miguel de Cervantes published in 1585 and originally entitled “Primera parte de la Galatea: diuidida en seys libros” (First Part of Galatea, divided into Six Books). Despite his clear wishes, as he held the work in very high esteem, the author was never able to write the second part.

It is a work with various readings and storylines. The main plot tells the story of two shepherds who fall in love with Galatea, although she prefers to maintain her independence.

It is believed that the novel aims to follow the path started by "Diana" by Jorge de Montemayor, or "Diana enamorada" by Gil Polo. Beneath the outer appearance of a pastoral novel, the work by Cervantes is in reality a psychological study of love.


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