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Children of wrath

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Literature, Poetry



Original title

Hijos de la ira

Deemed to be the most important work of the Generation of '27 poet, Dámaso Alonso, this is one of the most angst-ridden and existential books of poetry in Spanish.

Its publication in Spain gave rise to a Renaissance of realist poetry, though Dámaso Alonso's poetic language displays a greater affinity with ‘reality’ than with ‘realism’. Indeed, his aim is to delve deep into the eternal problems of man and not the pure routines of his everyday existence.

Children of Wrath forms part of a poetic trend that focuses on the individual and his suffering. Its poems, infused as they are with existential philosophy, express a despair caused by the physical and spiritual torment that leads to a spiritual awakening.

This collection of poems is steeped throughout in Spanish traditional culture. There are traces of Saint John of the Cross and Luis de Góngora to be found not merely in every poem, but practically in every line.


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