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Hablando de lo que habla

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Original title

Hablando de lo que habla: estudios de lenguaje

With the subtitle ‘Studies in Language’, the scholar and intellectual Agustín García Calvo published this essay where he set out his research into language.

In all areas, linguistics has always been one of the fields of knowledge where the poet, playwright, philosopher and grammarian García Calvo focussed his intellect. This essay comprises a collection of unpublished and published texts and articles from between 1958 and 1989 which show the evolution of his thinking with regards to linguistics.

The main argument of the reflections here by García Calvo is his theory that language should be ‘rescued’, since it does not belong to grammarians or academics or to any other body of power: it belongs to the people. This links with his purely theoretical concept of language: that it pre-exists the common awareness of speakers, before grammar or other fields influence it. The influence of the pre-Socratic philosopher Heraclitus on this concept is clear, as is that of Swiss linguist Ferdinand de Saussure, throughout the work.


National Literature Award for Essay


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