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Epístola a Boscán

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Original title

Epístola a Boscán

Satirical letter from Diego Hurtado de Mendoza to his friend and fellow writer Juan Boscán.

This was first printed in the publication 'Works by Boscán' in 1543, an edition of the literary work of his friend Juan Boscán, to whom the letter was addressed. Boscán answered his friend in 'Reply to Don Diego de Mendoza' (1541-42) which contained a similar message.
It was precisely Juan Boscán who introduced Hurtado de Mendoza to the motifs and literary structures arriving from Italy, and particularly to Petrarchism, of which this letter is a fine example. This is a satire in epistolary form, with a clearly moral purpose: to advise his friend to live wisely and to avoid any negative thoughts and actions. Mendoza uses the technique of the author-model, in which the writer presents himself as a model to be emulated.


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