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Episodios nacionales

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Episodios nacionales

A colossal set of tales where Pérez Galdós goes over the main chapters in modern Spanish history.

A set of forty-six novels written between 1872 and 1912 by Benito Pérez Galdós, the top representative of the Spanish realist novel in the 19th century. This set of tales was based on different chapters in Spanish history from 1805 to 1880 and include fictional characters as protagonists.
Given its scope and complexity, the author decided to split it into five thematic series which were set during: the invasion of French troops, the reign of Ferdinand VII, the first Carlist war, the reign of Isabella II and the last series starting in the 1868 Revolution. In principle, Galdós wanted to end at the third series but started writing again after the ‘Disaster of 98’. In turn, the fifth and last series remained unfinished due to the author’s death.


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