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El relicario

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José Padilla

Original title

El relicario

This song continues to be among the most famous melodies in Spanish music, and it was popularized by the greatest variety song performers of the times.

Its composer, José Padilla, wrote it in Paris, where it attained absolute success and recognition. Not only the person who first popularised it, variety song performer Raquel Meller, but also other great performers such as Celia Gámez and Concha Piquer, owe a significant portion of their popularity to this variety song, or pasodoble.
With the lyrics of Armando Oliveros and José María Castellví, it debuted in Barcelona unsuccessfully. But it was the opposite in its re-debut, now with the voice of Meller, who designed incredible scenery that fit in stupendously with Padilla’s melody.
After its debut in Paris in 1920, it was so successful that it sold 110,000 copies of the edition for voice and piano in Paris.


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