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The Unending Lightning

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Literature, Poetry



Original title

El rayo que no cesa

This collection of poems on the theme of love by the poet Miguel Hernández is one of his most accomplished and consistent works.

Published in 1936, 'The Unending Lightning' is a collection of poems on the theme of love written by the poet and playwright Miguel Hernández.

The work bears a certain resemblance to mediaeval anthologies –and particularly to the 'Canzoniere' of the Italian poet Petrarch– as concerns both the author's view of love and the style of the poems, which have a simple composition but are rich in rhetorical figures like antithesis, anaphora and alliteration. Hernández also experiments with the form of the sonnet by means of formal devices such as the repetition of verses or words.

All these elements make this collection of poems one of the most refined and accomplished of the works by this author.


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