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around 1130-1140

Original title

Kitab alhuyya wa-l-dalil fi nusr al-din al-dalil

The main book by the Spanish Jew Judah ha-Levi is an apologetic text that aims to prove that Israel, with its Torah, is God's chosen people.

With the original title "Libro de la prueba y del fundamento sobre la defensa de la religión menospreciada", it is made up of 5 speeches and structured as a dialogue between the king of the Kuzars, converted to Judaism, and a Jewish doctor.

With his arguments, ha-Levi was not trying to harmonise Jewish tradition and philosophy, as these types of works written by his contemporaries usually did. He used the analysis of traditions regarding Israel being God's chosen people, and how history verifies this choice.

It is, therefore, a theological approach to history, which, because of its aim and content, reminds us of apologetic works by Hellenistic Jews and Paleo-Christians as part of their controversies with paganism.


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