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Dernières pensées musicales

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Original title

Dernières Pensées musicales de M. F. Malibran de Bériot. Recueil de dix Romances Françaises et deux Italiennes avec accompagnement de Piano ou de Guitarre

María Malibrán, the opera singer who was known in her time as 'the queen of Europe', was also the composer of this lovely group of musical compositions.

The Parisian editor Troupenas was in charge of posthumously publishing this selection of some of Malibrán’s compositions. She took the name Malibrán on her marriage to Eugène Malibran. Although she was born in Paris, she was of Spanish origin: her name at birth was María Felicia García Sitches.
This is a group of twelve compositions comprising ballads, romances and canzonettas, characterised by their evocative romantic air, fully in keeping with the time. Two of the compositions are in Italian, and the rest in French: 'La fiancée du brigand,' 'Le messager', 'Prière a la Madonne', 'Hymne des matelots', 'La noce du marin', 'Au bord de la mer', 'Adieu à Laure' ('Addio a Nice', canzonetta), 'Le montagnard', 'Les brigands', 'Le moribond' and 'Le prisonnier'.


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