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Codex Vigilanus

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Original title

Chronicon Albeldense

The first medieval Christian chronicles appeared thanks to the patronage of Alfonso III of Asturias. The 'cycle of Alfonso III' comprises three works, including this 'Chronicon Albeldense'.

It is so-called because one manuscript of the chronicle came from the Albelda monastery in La Rioja, and was continued by the monk Vigilianus until 976; it was therefore also known as the 'Cronicón Vigiliano''.

It is the work of a member of the Asturian court, and its scope and aims make it an exceptional project. It starts with a geographical description and a summary of the ages of the world according to the historic chronology contained in Saint Isidore's 'Chronicon', and is followed by a history of Rome through to Tiberius III from the east (715). It then goes on to list the Visigoth monarchs, and concludes with the chapter 'Chronicle of the Asturian-Leonese kings'.

The two first parts –through to 711– are notable for their conciseness, whereas the chapters dedicated to exalting the 18 first years of the reign of Alfonso III are distinguished by the abundance and precision of the information they contain.


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