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Coronada y el toro

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Dramatic literature, Theatre



Original title

Coronada y el toro

A work by Francisco Nieva that criticises and satirises the darkly reactionary side of Spain and defends the people’s right to make a revolution.

A play by Nieva - part of the “Furious Theatre” series - published in 1974 and premiered in 1982 at the Maria Guerrero Theatre in Madrid.

The work originated in a story titled “Notes on the Fair”, later presented as a Zarzuela operetta piece. The author made various changes to the work before arriving at the final form of a Spanish rhapsody.

The story is about a rebellion led by Coronada against the dictatorship under which his people live. Despite the mayor’s efforts to put down the insurrection, liberty will triumph. The author criticises and satirises institutionalised power, and defends the necessity for revolution.


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