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Cartas desde mi celda

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Cartas desde mi celda

Magnificent stories by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer that provide a foretaste of literary naturalism in Spain.

Published individually in the newspaper “El Contemporáneo” throughout 1864, these nine letters are evidence of the refined style of his journalistic work. The letters were written from a cell located in the Veruela Cistercian Monastery, where the author took refuge to recover from tuberculosis. Despite such a dramatic illness, which was incurable at the time, the tone of these writings brims with vitality. They were also a decisive contribution to Spanish literature, as Bécquer’s vision of nature was unusually intense for the time.
These letters, which are vital for understanding the stylistic evolution of Bécquer, were not compiled into a book until the publication of his “Complete Works” in 1871.


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