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The first collection of poems by the poet Jorge Guillén is a splendid and delicate hymn to life, to the pure and absolute love of existence.

The 75 poems in the first edition increased to 334 in the fourth and last, which was published in 1950 in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

In classical meter, containing verses with four lines of seven syllables with assonant rhyme, Guillén created a wholeheartedly optimistic poetic oeuvre. Whatever the subject, whether nature (a tree, a bird, the river) or daily objects (a coffee, a table), Guillén treats the objects of his poems with an infectious directness and joyfulness.

Guillén saw the universe as a pure, defined, complete and fully harmonious creation for which the poet gives thanks for its perfection. His life-affirming optimism and elementality recall the American poet Walt Wiltman, while the accuracy and clarity of the form are reminiscent of the French symbolist Paul Valéry.


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