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Ay Carmela

  • “Ay, Carmela” © EFE

    “Ay, Carmela” © EFE



Dramatic literature, Theatre



Original title

Ay Carmela

José Sanchís Sinisterra presents a dramatic representation of the confusion generated by the Spanish Civil War.

A play by José Sanchís Sinisterra premiered in 1987.

The work portrays a company with a variety show production, made up of Carmela, Paulino and Gustavete, which travels up and down Spain with its wagon and crosses the front without realising it from the Republican to the Franco side. When they are surprised by the Franco troops they have to improvise a theatrical performance in honour of the fascist army, which ends in tragedy. The author takes us to a confused space dominated by fear and aggression. Sanchís Sinisterra tries not to show support for either side, but rather for the innocence that is always silenced by war.

The work became very popular in 1990, when the director Carlos Saura adapted it to the screen.


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