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The Anatomy of a Moment

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Javier Cercas

Original title

Anatomía de un instante

A work by Javier Cercas, halfway between novel and essay, which revisits the attempted coup of 23 February –known in Spain as 23-F– and the role of the main political figures of the time.

In it, the author tries to shed light on one of the most outstanding chapters of the Spanish transition, the attempted coup that took place on 23 February 1981. One of the greatest interests of the author lies in trying to establish why Adolfo Suárez, Manuel Gutiérrez Mellado and Santiago Carrillo were the only representatives in the entire chamber who remained in their seats during the shooting led by Antonio Tejero.
The title of the work refers to the image on the book cover. It is the moment, captured by the television cameras, which shows Gutiérrez Mellado remonstrating with Tejero and the rest of the civil guards.


National Narrative Literature Award (2010)
International Terenci Moix Award. Book of the Year Award (2010)
International Literary Award, Mondello, City of Palermo (2011)


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