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Diocesan Art Museum

Front page

  • Berruguete. 'Visit by the priest and Mary's suitors'. Diocesan Art Museum. Palencia © Turespaña

    Berruguete. 'Visit by the priest and Mary's suitors'. Diocesan Art Museum. Palencia © Turespaña



Religious art


Catholic church and other religious institutions
Calle Mayor Antigua, 22
34005 Palencia
Palencia, Castile-Leon

Telephone+34 979706913


The Museum is set in the outbuildings of the Episcopal Palace. The collection comprises numerous works by the great masters of painting and sculpture, items of religious archaeology, textiles, precious metalwork and minor arts, encompassing the 7th-21th centuries. Highlights include masterpieces by artists such as Berruguete, Juan de Juni, Diego de Siloé and Felipe Vigarny, among others; and the precious metalwork section, with outstanding Medieval and Renaissance processional crosses. The sections containing ornaments and choir books are also very interesting, as are the stations of the cross, Romanesque fonts, carvings and a series of sculptures.


Essential works

  • The Virgin's suitors

    The painter Pedro Berruguete depicts a tale of the Virgin Mary prior to the birth of Christ.

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  • Baptismal font of Valcobero. Diocesan Art Museum, Palencia © Antonio Rubio. Museo Diocesano de Palencia

    Baptismal font of Valcobero

    The font is a magnificent example of Romanesque art carved from a single block of limestone. It was used to celebrate baptism by immersion.

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  • Sun clock and liturgical calendar. Diocesan Art Museum, Palencia © Museo Diocesano de Palencia

    Sun clock and liturgical calendar

    This finely carved and decorated stone is historically significant for its unique character and the information it provides.

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  • Burial of Christ

    This is a very important work for the study of the Renaissance in Castile, and is a relief by the sculptor from Palencia, Manuel Álvarez, a Renaissance master who was a collaborator of Alonso Berruguete.

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  • Mourning the dead Christ

    This is a Spanish Renaissance masterpiece dating from the early 16th century

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  • Juan de Flandes. 'Santo Entierro'. Diocesan Art Museum, Palencia © Antonio Rubio. Museo Diocesano de Palencia

    Santo Entierro

    This painting by Juan de Flandes is one of the masterpieces displayed in the Diocesan Museum in Palencia. It is exhibited next to another of the artist's paintings that depicts the descent from the cross.

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  • Abbey of Virgin of the Dehesa Brava.  Diocesan Art Museum, Palencia © Museo Diocesano de Palencia

    Virgin of the Abbey of Dehesa Brava

    This work is a gem of its genre and has featured in various national and international exhibitions on European medieval precious metalwork.

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Come and visit


Sep 01 to Jun 30

Monday to Saturday

10:30 AM to 11:30 AM

Jul 01 to Aug 31

10:30 AM to 1:30 PM

4:30 PM to 7:30 PM


General: €4

Groups: €2


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