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Cartagena Roman Theatre Museum

  • Roman altars. Cartagena Roman Theatre Museum. Murcia ©Turespaña

    Roman altars. Cartagena Roman Theatre Museum. Murcia ©Turespaña





Regional government
Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Palacio Pascual de Riquelme

Telephone+34 968525149

Fax+34 968525161


An example of Roman Cartagena’s monuments and architecture

The museum exhibits items discovered in excavations in the area of the Roman Theatre in Cartagena, built between the 5th and 1st centuries BC.

The museum is part of an integral project carried out by architect Rafael Moneo that comprises the restoration of part of the city of Cartagena and its Roman Theatre, which had remained hidden for several centuries. The museum is divided between two buildings and contains archaeological items accompanied by panels explaining the Theatre’s restoration, permanent and temporary exhibitions, as well as archive and study rooms. The visit to the museum includes a guided tour of part of the city and inside the Roman Theatre itself. It has capacity for 6,000 people and played an important role at the time of Ancient Rome. It has characteristic raked seating excavated out of the rock, a wealth of decoration and a stage measuring more than 43 metres in length.

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Closing days: Monday

Easter week: Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-8pm. Sundays: 10am-2pm.



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