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Church of Santa Marta de Tera

  • Church of Santa Marta de Tera. Zamora © Turespaña

    Church of Santa Marta de Tera. Zamora © Turespaña





Late 11th century


49626 Santa Marta de Tera, Camarzana de Tera
Zamora, Castile-Leon

Telephone+34 980649006

The Church of Santa Marta de Tera is one of the oldest and finest examples of Romanesque architecture in the province of Zamora.

It is a church with only one nave, laid out as a Latin cross and with a rectangular apse which is quite unusual for Romanesque churches. The outside is interesting because of the combination of colours caused by the mixture of greyish and yellowish tones on its ashlar blocks. All the walls, both inside and outside, display chequered borders. The cornices, eaves and edges are also decorated, as well as the capitals that feature plant motifs and images of saints, angels and religious scenes. Amongst its sculptures, one stands out especially - a 12th century sculpture on the south façade, which represents the apostle St James dressed as a pilgrim.

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