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Estación del Norte Station

  • Estación del Norte station. Valencia © Turespaña

    Estación del Norte station. Valencia © Turespaña

  • Detail of the interior of the Estación del Norte station. Valencia © Turespaña

    Detail of the interior of the Estación del Norte station. Valencia © Turespaña



Architecture and civil engineering


Siglo XX


Demetrio Ribas


Calle Xátiva 24
46007 Valencia

This Modernist building was inaugurated in 1917 and is in the style known as "Viennese Secession".

Estación del Norte station is one of the city's finest examples of civil architecture. Whether looking the exterior or the interior finish, it shows a unique, homogenous style within the bounds of Modernism. The façades are symmetrical, with numerous floral, colouristic decorative elements. The central body of the main façade is especially outstanding - providing access - as are the towers at either end. Inside, special mention should be made of the exuberant decor, with abundant work in wrought iron, wood, coloured ceramics and high-quality mosaics on ceilings, floors and walls.

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Harry Potter: The exhibition © Chris Hollo/Hollo Photographics, Inc.

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