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Cabezo de Alcalá Acropolis

  • Cabezo de Alcalá acropolis. Azaila, Teruel © Turespaña

    Cabezo de Alcalá acropolis. Azaila, Teruel © Turespaña





Bronze Age


Carretera dirección a Vinaceite a 1km. de Azaila
44590 Azaila
Teruel, Aragon

Telephone+34 606987589


Iberian settlement

At a distance of one kilometre from Azaila lines the archaeological site of Cabezo de Alcalá, containing the remains of this Iberian settlement which is of key importance in understanding the phenomenon of the Romanisation of Hispania.

Its origins date from the 7th century B.C. Elements worth noting inside the acropolis include the remains of the defensive enclosures, the cobbled streets, the drainage system and buildings such as the thermal baths, the temple and several noble residences. Also found were paintings in the style of Pompeii, mural decorations imitating alabaster, as well as ceramics and coins. One of the most significant findings is the sculpture in bronze known as the Bull of Azaila. It is well worth visiting the Cabezo de Alcalá Visitor Centre located in Azaila in order to learn more about this Iberian settlement.

Practical information



Monday to Sunday

Does not close at midday

10:00 AM to 7:00 PM



General: €5

Joint visit including Site and Visitor Centre: €6

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