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Building of the General Archive of the Indies

  • Room in the General Archive of the Indies. Seville © Turespaña

    Room in the General Archive of the Indies. Seville © Turespaña





Siglo XVI


Avenida de la Constitución, 3
41071 Seville
Seville, Andalusia

Telephone+34 954500528

Fax+34 954219485


Together with the Cathedral and the Alcázar, they have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The General Archive of the Indies was formerly the Merchant’s Exchange, and built in 1572. It was designed by Juan de Herrera and built by Alonso de Vandelviva and Juan de Minjares. The second floor was added in the 17th century, also the Cruz de Juramento, a cross before which traders swore their dealings were honest. A century later, when Charles III chose the building to house the General Archive of the Indies, other work was carried out, such as redecorating the main staircase. The building has a square floor plan and a large central courtyard. It contains priceless documents which provide a key to the history of Spain's relationships with its overseas colonies in America.

Practical information



Tuesday to Saturday

Does not close at midday

9:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Public holidays and Sunday

10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Closing days: Monday



Free admission


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Gardens of the Real Alcázar palace in Seville © Turespaña

Jun 27, 2019 to Sep 21, 2019

Concert / recital

Real Alcázar palace in Seville - Seville
Programme of Concerts: Nights in the Gardens of Seville’s Real Alcázar (old citadel)

Still photo from the film 'Los chicos del puerto' by Alberto Morais premièred at the European Film Festival in Seville.

Nov 8, 2019 to Nov 16, 2019


European Film Festival in Seville

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Dec 8, 2019

Festivity of Tourist Interest

Festivity of the Inmaculada Concepción

Transparent image

Apr 5, 2020 to Apr 12, 2020

Festivity of International Tourist Interest

Easter Week in Sevilla

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