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New stadium of La Balastera

  • Detail of the facade of the new stadium of La Balastera. Palencia

    Detail of the facade of the new stadium of La Balastera. Palencia



Architecture and civil engineering




Francisco Mangado


Avda. de Portugal S/N.
34004 Palencia
Palencia, Castile-Leon

Spain, a land of football, also has various modern and architecturally groundbreaking stadiums dedicated to this sport, such as this one in the city of Palencia.

The project by the architect Francisco Mangado takes into account not only the purely functional aspect of the stadium –in this case as a venue for the game of football– but also the iconic aspect of the infrastructure. It also uses the space to provide the stadium with other functions, by making the exterior of the ground floor into a perimeter for offices, shops and other public services, and intended to serve as a showcase for the city.
The stadium itself has a minimalist and sober appearance in which the lighting plays a key role. The four corner towers which illuminate the pitch are designed to lean away from their axis, and are built with translucent materials to create a highly distinctive optical effect. It has a capacity for 8,070 people.

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Easter week procession in Palencia

Apr 2, 2023 to Apr 9, 2023

Festivity of International Tourist Interest

Easter Week in Palencia

Church of San Miguel. Palencia © Turespaña

Jan 01

Festivity of National Tourist Interest

Church of San Miguel - Palencia
Baptism of the Child

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